Food Safety Courses

Many people working in the food handling industry are required to have certification through food safety courses. The course that candidates are required to take is strongly dependant on the location in which they want to work. The regulations and the required course is controlled by the provincial government and each province has its own set of regulations and a set course. This page is designed to give some clarity to candidates that require food safe, food safety or food handler training and certification.

Food Safety Courses in British Columbia:

Candidates in B.C. that are required to take a food safety course need to take a “food safe” course that meets provincial regulations. The FOODSAFE program offers comprehensive courses designed for candidates working or planning on working in the food service industry. Candidates in B.C. can obtain certification through on-line training or by taking a FOODSAFE course through one of our partners. Candidates have the option of either registering for a level 1 or a level 2 course. Course content is nearly equivalent to the content offered through other provinces. Candidates also have the option of receiving workbooks in other languages such as English, French, Chinese, Korean or Punjabi. To register for a Food Safe course in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Victoria or Kelowna select your location from the side or main menu.


Alberta’s food safety program is very similar to the program offered in British Columbia. Candidates in Alberta must attend an AHS provincial certification course and receive a minimum grade of 70% to pass the course. Alberta has stringent rules in the number of food handlers working and the number of candidates that require food safety certification. Candidates must attend a two day course to receive certification which does not expiry, however, it is recommended that certificates be updated every 5 years. Food safety manuals are offered in several languages including Vietnamese and Chinese. To register for a food safety course in Alberta select your location from the main menu or the side menu. We have training centers in Calgary and Edmonton.


Candidates in Saskatchewan are required to attend a food handler safety program similar to the programs mentioned above. Candidates that receive food safety certification will be registered in the Provincial Food Handlers Registry. These course, which are sometimes also referred to as “food sanitation” courses are approved by the provincial government. Candidates are only required to attend a one day course to become certified. No re-certification is necessary and candidates can receive a training manual in several different languages. To register for a food safety / food sanitation course select your location from the main or side menu bar.

Manitoba (Winnipeg):

Manitoba has very similar bylaws for food service as Alberta. A food service establishment must have someone that has successfully completed a food handler training program. Typically managers, owners and supervisors are recommended to take this course. It is a one day course in which candidates will receive basic food preparation, basic microbiology, foodborne illness, health and hygiene, serving and dispensing, food protection and, cleaning and sanitizing, receiving, and storage training. To register for a food handler training course that meets provincial regulations select your location from the main or side menu.


Ontario has similar health related laws passed by the province when compared to the above mentioned provinces. Candidates are required to attend a a food handler safety program to receive certification in food safety. In this 8 hour course candidates learn basic storing, preparing, cooking and serving techniques to ensure food is safe to eat. To register for a food handler certification course select your location from the main or side menu for registration and more information.

All of the above mentioned provinces have similar certification programs in place to ensure food serving establishments serve safe food in a clean and well maintained setting. For more information about the course content, locations, FAQ’s or about us select a topic from the main menu.