Food Safety Training in Kelowna

Food safety training is widely available in British Columbia, ever since it was mandated by the public health act regulating food establishments. The program FOODSAFE was initially funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Development, and is now provincially managed by the British Columbia Center for Disease Control. Register for Food Safety Training in Kelowna Now.

Food Safety Training in Kelowna

Kelowna First Aid is one of the many providers of food safety training courses. We have two FOODSAFE levels available through the week, sometimes during evenings and weekends if we cannot accommodate all the students in our regular schedules. We have certification available for all levels and types of food safety courses.

You can visit our website for more details on class schedules, training fees, and available courses. We also offer first aid and CPR training.

What courses are available in Kelowna First Aid?

Our programs are called FOODSAFE and are offered in two separate levels. The first level is the only one required by the public health act, but enrolling in both is encouraged by the BCCDC. The first level targets staff members who are food handlers and the second level targets staff members tasked with management of the establishment. Both levels of food safety training involve the necessary skills and concepts used in safe food handling – from preparation to storage and service.

Food safety level one is eight hours long and costs 110 dollars. Food safety level two is twelve hours long and costs 165 dollars. Training by correspondence will cost less, at 85 dollars, as long as you complete training in 6 months. You can get a 2 month extension if you pay an additional 25 dollars.

FOODSAFE certificates and refresher classes

Certificates have a period of validity that lasts five years. They expire after that. If the food service worker wants to get another certificate (valid for another five years), he or she can sign up for a refresher class. Refreshers are update classes, not just targeted for service workers looking to renew their credentials.

Getting started: The Salami Case

Foodborne illness is caused by pathogens and poisonous substances that contaminate poorly prepared food. These pathogens, when ingested by the body, cause a myriad of gastrointestinal and systemic symptoms. The infected person can even spread the disease among other people if he or she does not practice the easiest of infection control measures – hand hygiene.

The Salami Case was handled by CDC’s Casey Behravesh; she was investigating an outbreak of Salmonella in the US that affected over 270 people in 40 states. The results of the investigation were eye-opening. The source¬†of salmonella pinpointed through the use of a shopping card!

It was found out that the victims all shopped a specific grocery chain. Through the use of information from shoppers cards swiped after making purchases, it was found out what food item all of them bought that could’ve possibly caused the disease. It turned out to be salami from a single manufacturer. Because of poor handling, the salami was infected by a pathogen called Salmonella, causing an outbreak that affected hundreds of people.

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