Food Safety Training in Saskatoon

Saskatoon First Aid offers the best Food Safety Training in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We only allow certified trainers to teach our students, ensuring that they receive the best possible food safety education. There are a variety of courses we offer to the public, not just food safety and sanitation – we also have first aid and CPR programs, with certification available. People who are interested in learning about any of these topics can visit the Saskatoon First Aid website for more details (as well as sign up!).

The first step: Sign up

If you have decided to take food safety and sanitation training, enrollment is the next step. We want to be very accessible to prospective students so we have made an interactive sign up form on the Saskatoon First Aid website. The form is not a downloadable form, but a form you can fill up online and ‘submit’ (after clicking the submit button).

We also encourage students to contact us through e-mail and over telephone, as well as visiting us in person. Just make sure to head over to our training center during business hours so we will be able to accommodate you.

Food safety in Saskatoon

Food safety in food facilities/establishments is governed by The Food Safety Regulations, which are part of Saskatchewan’s Public Health Act drafted in 1994. The regulations require facilities to train its employees in food safety and sanitation, as well as to have a certified staff member present in the facility at all times. The management is responsible for ensuring that all the employees are trained and certified in accordance with the regulations.

For owners asking how many employees should be trained in a course approved by the Saskatoon health authorities, one is enough but the final say rests on the Public Health Inspector granting the establishment a health permit or license. Typically, if a facility handles high risk food or the facility itself is high risk, the Public Health Inspector may require more staff members to become trained and certified in food safety.

Food Safety Training in Saskatoon

Food safety and sanitation training is available as FoodSafe 1 and FoodSafe 2. These are two levels, the first a basic course and the second an advanced management course.

  1. FoodSafe 1 – basic training that runs for eight hours (over one day), focus: basic microbiology, foodborne illness, hand hygiene, workplace sanitation
  2. FoodSafe 2 – advanced training that runs for twelve hours (over two days), focus: personnel training, general maintenance, facility design

The first level of training is open to anyone interested in learning about food safety, not just people who work in food service. If you plan on taking the second level of training, the first is a pre-requisite. Though FoodSafe 2 is targeted towards supervisory staff of food facilities, anyone with a FoodSafe 1 credential may sign up for it.

Because of the increasing number of students enrolling in our programs each year, we advise everyone to sign up early while there are still open slots. It is likely that we will open new schedules but it is better to be sure. Sign up today!

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