This page is dedicated to the frequently asked questions about food safety, FoodSafe, and food handling certification.

How do I find out which course I need?

Read through our home page to determine the course you need. Each province has slightly different course with slightly different course content.

What are the prerequisites for the course?

No prerequisites are required to take any food safe(ty) or food handling course.

How much does the food safety course cost?

Depending on your location and the required course the cost can be anywhere from 55 to 120 dollars. Course fee includes taxes, certification fee’s, exam fee’s and manual.

Is the food safety course difficult to pass?

No, most candidates have no difficulty at all passing these courses.

How long is the food safety course?

The food safety course takes approximately 8 hours to complete. It is typically completed within one day, however, some of our training providers offer the course in two, four hour days.

What do I wear to a food safety course?

Wear comfortable clothes. You will be moving around and participating in activities. Comfortable shoes are also recommended.

When will I receive my certificate?

You will receive your certificate immediately after completing the course. Certification comes in either a wallet sized card or a wall mount certificate. Depending on your province, you will be entered into a certification registry.

Do I have to re-certify my certificate?

No, unless the food or health inspector requires you to re-certify your certificate is valid for life. However, re-certification is recommended every 5 years.

Will I have to write a test?

Yes, in order to complete the course candidates will have to complete a simple multiple choice test. Depending on your course and location candidates may be required to have a minimum grade of 70 or 75% to pass the course.

We hope we have answered your food and safety course question in our frequently asked question page.