Food Safety Training in Nanaimo

Food Safety Program at Nanaimo First Aid

Food safety training is a popular program at our training location, Nanaimo First Aid. There are two levels of food safety training as mandated by the public health authorities in Nanaimo, British Columbia and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Development. We also offer two levels of FOODSAFE training, along with training by correspondence and refresher courses.

However, it is important to know that food service workers are not required to have food safety training.  The public health act that governs FOODSAFE training is for food premises regulation. It specifies that an employee trained in FOODSAFE has to be present during each shift at the establishment. He or she can be a member of the food handling staff or the administrative staff – either way is fine.

What programs can I enroll with Food Safety Training in Nanaimo?

Our first level of food safety training is for food handlers – the front line service workers who handle food directly. These are cooks, servers, dishwashers, and even cashiers in fast food places. The second level (which requires students to complete level one first) is for administrative staff, focusing on planning and management for overall product and work safety.

  1. Food safety level one – eight hours, 110 dollars
  2. Food safety level two – twelve hours, 165 dollars
  3. Food safety training (correspondence) – six months, 85 dollars (eight months, 110 dollars)
  4. Refresher in food safety – three hours (price on the website or upon request)

Are there other options aside from traditional classroom type programs?

Food safety courses can be taken in a traditional classroom experience, or online via a virtual classroom. Online classes are ideal for students who have a tight home schedule and do not have time to commute and visit the training location. Another type is listed above – training by correspondence. This kind of program does not follow a class schedule, and instead allows students to complete training in a maximum of six (or eight) months.

How often will I have to renew my FOODSAFE certificate?

FOODSAFE credentials are only valid for five years. They can be renewed through a refresher class, which is also offered to students simply seeking an update in their food safety training (not necessarily needing a new certificate). Refresher classes are short, usually lasting only a few hours in a single session.

Getting started: Foodborne illness

Preventing foodborne illness is  the main goal of the FOODSAFE (food safety) program in British Columbia. The main complication caused by foodborne illness is diarrhea, which is responsible for over 2 million deaths annually all over the world. Gastrointenstinal symptoms are the most common manifestations of a foodborne illness, but systemic symptoms are common for more severe diseases – even death.

Pathogens and poisoning substances are two possible causes of foodborne illness, specifically from contaminated food. Raw meat (poultry and beef) and produce (leafy greens, nuts, and fruits) are the most common recorded sources of these infectious substances.

Hurdles for food safety

  • Changes in the supply of meat and produce
  • Enviromental changes contributing to food contamination
  • Multi-city outbreaks (widespread outbreaks)
  • New microorganisms and toxins immune to current treatment regimens

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